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You want to set-up a business but you don’t understand how to do it correctly and quickly

You are afraid of losing money because of insecure contract with a counterparty

You are not sure that your company’s activities are 100% legal

The scope of your legal work is too small for a full-time lawyer, but still it must be done

You enter Ukrainian market and don’t understand the local business issues

You prefer to spend time on business development rather than solving legal issues


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Registration of business

You will receive a registered company with a form of organization and taxation system that best suits your goals. We register LLC, FLP, Representative Offices, Asset Management Companies, Investment Funds and other entities using Ukrainian companies, as well as foreign structures.

Registration of changes in business

We quickly and qualitatively carry out changes of a director, a company legal address, the size of authorized capital of the company or organize and accompany the sale of shares in an authorized capital.

Contracts drafting

We will point out the weaknesses in your existing contract or develop a completely new contract that will maximally protect your interest and protect you from all types of risks. You have to provide only incoming transaction data and also your wishes (if any).

Services for non-residents (foreigners)

If you are a foreigner and you have a desire to live or work in Ukraine – we will do our best to give you such possibility: we will get an individual tax number, work permit, temporary residence permit, and all other necessary permits. Also we will consult you on local features of the Ukrainian legislation for foreigners.

Legal and tax consulting

If you have a non-standard query (for example, optimization of financing of holding companies through the introduction of an asset management company in a holding company) or other non-standard queries - we are happy to develop for you a solution that works.


It depends on the volume of work needed on the project. We can tell the exact amount after discussing your issue.

Business set-up
starting from 1.500 UAH
  • Choosing of best incorporation form
  • Choosing of best taxation system
  • Preparation and filling of documents for registration of business
  • Investments registration and opening of investment account
  • Obtaining of certificates of business registration
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Registration of changes in business
starting from 1.000 UAH
  • Registration of changes in authorized capital
  • Registration of changes in legal address
  • Registration of changes of the company’s CEO
  • Registration of selling of the company’s shares
  • Registration of other changes in business
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Contracts drafting
starting from 2.700 UAH
  • Analysis and development of supply contracts
  • Analysis and development of lease contracts
  • Analysis and development of license contracts
  • Analysis and development of bank and insurance contracts
  • Analysis and development of labor and other contracts
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Services for non-residents (foreigners)
Individual price
  • Obtaining of individual taxpayer number
  • Obtaining of work permits
  • Obtaining of temporary residence permits
  • Consulting on local features of the Ukrainian legislation for foreigners
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Legal and tax consulting
Individual price
  • Tax consulting
  • Business set-up consulting
  • Other legal issues consulting
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Accompaniment of the entrance to the Ukrainian market of the Lithuanian IT company


Our Client asked to structure the activities of the Lithuanian subsidiary IT company in Ukraine with the employment of foreign management into Ukrainian company and to advice optimal taxation system.


Our specialists registered the Ukrainian company, accompanied the investment process, and also registered other entities needed to implement the developed scheme of work. The scheme provided for a minimum tax burden, and also maximally protected the intellectual property of the Ukrainian IT company. Individual tax numbers, work permits for foreign management of the company were obtained, and labor contracts with Ukrainian IT specialists were developed.


The Client received fully organized Ukrainian business within 2 weeks. All processes were carried out by our specialists by power of attorney.

Development of cooperation scheme between Ukrainian online-magazine and Google


The task was to develop a cooperation scheme where the Client can legally receive money from selling advertising in Google AdSense system to the company bank account. At the same time, the tax burden should not exceed an agreed limit.


Our experts analyzed the contract with Google and its interpretation with respect to Ukrainian legislation, as well as possible forms of structuring the business in connection with this interpretation. We proposed several options to the Client with different levels of tax burden and associated risks. The Client chose a careful option, which assumed a moderate tax burden (this solution met the requirements agreed at the beginning of the project) and minimal risks.


As a result the Client saved 2 million UAH.

Structuring the activity of a holding company using non-residents structures


The task was to make an asset structuring scheme that would implement a number of business targets: protect assets through investment tools, provide legal capital flow in Ukraine, and ensuring optimal taxation scheme for import-export transactions.


Our experts chose an optimal tax jurisdictions based on the needs and tasks of the Client, assets were structured both in Ukraine and outside in compliance with the principle of "maximum tax efficiency", assets protection scheme with the use of appropriate legal and investment instruments was developed. International trading companies were registered.


As a result, the Client obtained a transparent legal structure of his business with the use of hedging and asset protection tools that will ensure legal capital flow and optimal tax regimes for both main assets and trade export-import transactions. As well as a full package of contracts and other documents necessary for a system operation.

Structuring the financing scheme using Asset Management Company


The task was to create an instrument for optimal financing of a large Holding structure, ensuring maximum capital mobility and minimum system limitations, with the possibility of attracting external financing through an understandable formalized tool.


Our specialists registered Ukrainian subsidiary company, supported an investment process, and also registered other entities needed to implement developed work plan. The scheme provided minimized taxes, and also protected the intellectual property of the Ukrainian IT company. Individual tax numbers and work permits for foreign management were obtained, and labor contracts with Ukrainian IT specialists were developed.


As a result the Client received asset management company with a venture fund in management with the package of documents necessary to work within developed plan. As a bonus, the Client received a convenient tax planning tool. All actions were performed by our specialists on behalf of the Client (using power of attorney) without involving the Client into the process.

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